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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 24, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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nebraska to texas. believe it or not, blizzard warnings are in effect for a large portion of central oklahoma and winter weather warnings add advisories into texas. north texas will get a white christmas. what about us? it's a long way from here. the rain has moved from texas to tennessee. big problem for us, the winter weather advisory has been extended out. i want to show you it's raining in chicago, still snowing in minneapolis. better for o'hare but not good in minneapolis. freezing rain just for us starting off tomorrow morning. looks like we start off with freezing drizzle here and then back out to the north and west that's where i think there could be a prolonged period of freezing rain. it still looks like along the i- 80 corridor they could pick up as much as a quarter inch of ice accumulation before this turns over to all rain late tomorrow afternoon and into
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tomorrow evening. we will be more specific with the complete forecast in a little bit. but the good things for us, it's christmas morning, not a lot of people will be out and commuting. that's the story for now. >> that is good news, thanks, gary. see you in a bit. the district department of transportation is urging holiday travelers to plan ahead. that includes waiting to travel later in the day instead of going in the afternoon or leave in the afternoon instead. -- d-dot is pretreating roads. they have treated trouble spots including the springfield interchange and the beltway. about 400 trucks will patrol tonight monitoring conditions and treating areas that refreeze. remember, we are always on at check out the latest forecast any time. tonight in maryland, a frantic search is on for a
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ssing 11-year-old girl. police say sarah foxwell was abducted from her home on the eastern shore tuesday night. a registered sex offender has been charged with kidnapping but there is no sign of sarah. jessica weinstein has the latest on the developing story. jessica? >> reporter: maureen, sheriff's deputies have begun the latest update on the search for sarah. she was last seen at 9:30 tuesday night when she went to bed. 3,000 volunteers and law enforcement have been searching for her through the day and night hoping to find her alive. late today the search returned to the area where 11-year-old sarah foxwell was kidnapped from her home. sheriff's deputies say her aunt and grandfather last saw her tuesday night in her christmas pajamas. >> we have canvased dozens of miles of land by foot and by air. and we will continue to do so until we locate sarah foxwell. >> reporter: sarah's aunt had
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broken up with thomas legislation about two months -- leggs. he was charged with burglary and kidnapping in sarah's disappearance. leggs is a high-risk sex offender with a long rap sheet including raping a teenage girl and multiple assault convictions. the community has come together to find little sarah. >> we are not giving up hope. we will always maintain faith. we will find sarah foxwell. we are not giving up hope. >> reporter: deputies have covered a 2003 gold colored dodge ram pickup with a gold cap on the back. it belongs to thomas leggs. today and tomorrow they will ask the public, anyone that hats seen that vehicle or sar -- has seen that vehicle or sarah in that vehicle between tuesday night and 11:00 tuesday morning to contact the sheriff's department. another missing girl in
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montgomery county. police don't suspect foul play in this case but they are worried about allies jones. she is hearing impaired and communicates through sign language. she was last seen at her home around 7:30 last night. if you have any information, call 911. also in maryland to night, everalamilies won't be spending christmas at home after massive fire ripped through their apartment building. the flames broke out around 2:00 this afternoon on allentown road in suitland. about 80 prince george county firefighters battled the flames. you can see from sky fox video how big the fire was a. firefighter received first and second-degree burns. medics transported him to the burn unit at the washington hospital center. authorities believe as many as 15 apartments were destroyed. president obama promised to pass health care reform in his first year in office and this morning the senate delivered an early christmas present
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approving an $817 billion health care reform package. tom fitzgerald was there for the vote and has reaction from capitol hill. >> reporter: the word historic i used a lot on capitol hill but by all measures, the morning vote on christmas eve was, in fact, historic. for the first time the congress has approved legislation that will provide near universal health care for 30 million americans. vice president joe by den acting in capacity as the president of the u.s. senate chaired over the proceedings. senators cast their votes one by one with the final tally coming in at 60-39. this is a victory for the american people. those fortunate enough to have health insurance will be able to keep theirs and those who do not will be able to have health insurance. >> this is a fundamental change in our health care system so that evy american has access to affordable care. >> reporter: republicans were not con glad tu lay tower.
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>> -- congratulatory. >> i think this has been shown to be a big spending bill. it's not going to lower the cost of health care. it will raise it. >> it takes a half trillion dollars out of medicare. and they claim that they shored up medicare, give me a break. >> reporter: democrats say this will lower the federal deficit, republicans say it will balloon it. clearly it will be some time before either side is proved right. what we know is that the work is not done. there are big differences in the senate and house versions and those differences have to be worked out before president obama can put his signature to a final bill. on capitol hill, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. more work is going on tod. president obama nominated a new u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. robert may ken is the candidate. he served assistant u.s. attorney from 1997 to 2001. former u.s. attorney for d.c.
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jeffrey turner resigned in may. we are mourning the loss of a sports casting legend. george michael of nbc 4 and the long running sports machine has died. dave feldman is here with more on what he meant to so many people in town. fieldy. >> george died early this morning after a battle with leukemia. michael reinveend local and national sports. the sports machine began after his arrival at wrc in 1980. it grew into a nationally syndicated highlights show. it was a trend setting program gaining his footing in days before cable and espn were available. he stopped the machine and left local tv in 2007. in april he appeared on fox 5 for a predraft special. it was his last appearance on local tv. >> george, thanks for coming in from painted acres, not a short drive. >> but to be with you and be with doc and vinny, i got so
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many questions. when can i start? >> very soon. >> we only got 30 minutes? are you going to draft a running back, replace clinton portis? >> george h to have the last word. today at redskins park, jim zorn fondly remembered his friend who he visited just yesterday at sibley hospital. >> i spent some time talking with him, i would say. there wasn't any response -- he was sedated pretty well. but i got to hold his hand. i got to -- i got to talk to him about football. i got to talk to him about, you know, what he has meant to me. i got to pray with him and i saw a twitch here or there. i goto yell at him because he has always yelled at me. >> george always yelled at everybody. michael's family says plans for
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a memorial service are not complete. guys, to say that we all do what we do in part because of how george set the table for local sports is a gross understatement. later on, tony who was on monday night football and pti his start with george will weigh in. >> he was at a competing station but you all were like family. even me coming to this town and knowing george from the sports machine that i watched in chicago, you felt like you knew him. he felt like family. i bet to the sports world and those of you in it that he was that. >> everyone knew george and if he liked you, he yelled at you. that's how you knew if he liked you. >> he yelled at you a bit. >> sometimes more than i liked. >> when he was on tv, such a personality that you had to watch. he made me laugh. seemed like a wonderful guy. >> when he would say let me tell you and then go like that, it got your attention.
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>> he will be missed. tha you for that. see you later on. >> yep. >> okay. thanks for that. we have another developing story. the pope was knocked down during a christmas eve mass. this is video from the service at st. peter's basilica. a woman jump maryland a barrier then knocked the pontiff to the ground. it happened as he walked down the main aisle to begin mass. he was not hurt. vatican police quickly arrested the woman. a five-year custody battle finally resolved. tonight an emotional homecoming for an american father and his son. plus, long lines at the nation's airport. for the second time this week, winter weather is wreaking havoc.
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24/7. including the eight hours you spend with your eyes closed. prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. a peaceful end to an eight-
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hour hostage stand off. you can see the suspect, warren taylor, after he surrendered at the with itville -- post office. 53-year-old taylor was angry at the federal government claiming that his son died in afghanistan and his son was about to be repossessed. one hostage says taylor told him that he picked that post office at random. he surrendered last night calmly. a custody battle is over with a father reunited with his 9-year-old son. david and shawn goldman left brazil heading back to new york. first they had to endure a mob seen outside the u.s. consulate. >> reporter: a brazilian family delivers a 9-year-old boy to his father, the reunion ending a five-year custody battle. several of shawn goldman's relatives brought him to the
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u.s. consulate. photographers crowded the door. david goal man was waiting inside. goldn's wife took sean to brazil. she divorced him then remarried. she died giving -- birth last year. >> the most important thing for mr. goldman and for his brazilian family is to ensure that sean and his family members have privacy and smooth transition. >> reporter: late tuesday, the chief justice upheld a lower court ruling ordering sean returned to him. father and son are flying back to goldman's home in new jersey. david lee miller, fox news. oh, boy here we go again. travel troubles for passengers heading home for the holidays. flights just started getting back to normal after the blizzard, now a significant
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winter storm is wrecking travel plans again. there are weather delays stretching from one end of the country to the other. many travelers again found themselves stuck here with nowhere to go. roby chavez has more from reagan national air force. >> it was a nerve-racking day. people have been watching the weather and hoping to get home and on a plane before the worst of it settled in. with christmas hours away, it was a scramble to get home. >> not the first time i did it but i won't do it again. >> reporter: the flight board filled up early with delays and canceled flights. jim sweeney is stuck waiting at the bar in hissan take hat. >> we are hoping to get to texas. we are hoping to stand by this afternoon. >> reporter: the flight to dallas was just canceled. weather threatened flights from the gulf coast to minneapolis. they will not be going home for christmas. >> we can't share christmas with our family. we don't know if the flight
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tomorrow is guaranteed f that will get canceled. we are upset. >> where are you going now. >> back home. >> it was imrtant to be home. >> it's rough. i haven't had time to digest it yet. at least we will get to be together. >> reporter: the strategy for others, get here and get out early. for soldiers he war zone, he didn't tell his family for fear of raising false hopes. >> they don't know i'm coming home. i'm surprising everyone. >> reporter: with so many delays and weather issues, many say it will be a christmas miracle if they make it. at reagan national, roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> make sure you check with your airlines for flight status before heading to the airport. >> all right. we have warned everyone that we are expecting another weather system coming this way. >> i hope it's not that bad. >> we don't need it. >> gary mcgrady, i know you will give us a little bit of bad news.
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>> i don't think it will be all that bad. we will have a little potential for glazing, brief glazing tomorrow up and down i-95. i think any accumulating isolated showers will be back out along i-81 then back ut farther to the west along the blue ridge and west virginia. that's why i think potentially we could have a few hours of problems out there. listen, it stinks is what going on across the country. this storm system has such a large footprint and it was snowing in chicago yesterday. that switched to a mixture then rain then minneapolis is getting the snow. you can see the line of snow oriented north and south. that is about to go over dallas- fort worth. that is a huge airline hub. blizzard warnings out for central sections of oklahoma where they could pick up 8 to 12 inches of snow. we have the winter weather advisory in place. this does not include the district. but basically all counties east
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of i-95. thispushed more to the east than what it was yesterday. prince william is included and cull pup per, not spotsylvania county. we have clear skies. the next several hours temperatures will get cold. it's 36 now. look for baltimore, frederick and dulles down to freezing or close to that. hargerstown and winchester down lob freezing. here is the situation. mostly clear at 7:00. a few clouds by 9:00. increasing clouds overnight. that should though keep the temperatures steadyin the upper 20s. we will have a few hours of freezing drizzle possible then the rain comes in. that could be freezing rain, too. it's a bit of a complicated forecast to be honest but it doesn't look like it will be a huge problem along i-95. back to the west, maybe more difficult by late tomorrow and into tomorrow afternoon.
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we will have the full forecast and i will show you graphics and give you a better idea what will happen coming up. a life-changing holiday gift for somebody. where is the winner of $162 million. someone bought the only winning ticket to tuesday's megamillions jackpot at a long island store. so far no one has come forward. the store owner feels like a celebrity with all he attention. he said the store sold a 6 million-dollar winning ticket about 10 years ago. >> i think i got that ticket by the way. i'm not going to give that up yet. >> unless you traveled to new york, you probably don't -- >> i did travel to new york. >> here it is for you. there are the numbers: >> good luck there. >> you doubt me but those are the numbers i always play. >> then your eye my best friend. have you made your list,
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checked it twice? the mad dash is on. how local stores are recovering from the blizzard interruption. if you are hitting up the movies as part of your holiday weekend plans, we have your all access pass. the scoop the biggest films this weekend. 'syo dd
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shoppers are out in full force. many are trying to play catch up after last week's snowstorm. >> some are hoping to find great last minute deal sarah simmons talked to some of those pliking the -- making the mad dash today. >> reporter: the last minute dash for christmas gifts is on. the annual tradition started here at this 24-hour walmart well before the crack of down. it's black friday shopping without the crowd. there are deals to be had but elizabeth rye near is -- rainer is happen to have the store to
5:25 pm
herself. >> i was stuck in target parking lot for 3 1/2 hours because they shut down things to direct traffic. i wanted to avoid things like that. i figured there wouldn't be that kind ofproblem. >> reporter: oh, how right she was. the only folks in the aisle were employees stocking the shelves with care. as the morning rolled on, more shoppers showed up, some looking for a good deal on a flat screen tv. others waiting until the last minute to start their shopping but with good reason. >> traveling and packing for two weeks with two kids, the van didn't hold everything. i figured i would explore virginia's walmart as well. >> reporter: and to shop without a sole in sight. >> earlier it was crazy with the snow and people not able to get out last saturday then all this week it has been busy. so, coming out now is really a good time. >> reporter: if you still need the last minute gift, you have
5:26 pm
until 8:00 tonight. that's when most of the wal- mart in the d.c. region close their doors on christmas eve. in sterling, virginia, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. other stores are keeping doors open late tonight. several toys r us are staying open until 10:00. others are closing at 8:00 or 9:00. cck web sites for the hours. macy's is closing at 6:00. you don't have much time if you need to get there. prince william gave up his swanky digs to sleep on the street. that is coming up at 5:30. pepto-bismol. ] nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and diarrhea.
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some of the big stories we are following, hundreds are searching for a missing maryland girl. sarah foxwell was last seen tuesday night at her home in salisbury. police charged a registered sex offender with kidnapping in the case but there is no sign of the girl. a victory for democrats on the hill. the senate gave final approval to the health bill. it was 60-39, along senate party lines. more frustration at the airports. huge snowstorm in the midwest is forcing the cancellation of flights all over the country.
5:31 pm
the flight board started filling up early with delays and cancellations. many passengers are flying stand by hoping to get home in time for christmas. home for the holidays has taken on a different meaning for some local families. they are spending christmas supporting family members recovering from critical injuries at walter reed. claudia coffey takes a look at how they are making the holiday special. >> reporter: inside the malone house, around every corner you will find the spirit of christmas. not just in the decorations on the tree, but in the hearts of those truly counting their blessings this holiday season. at one table we found what appeared to be a family sharing a puzzle. in fact, they are not even related but share a common bond this christmas eve. >> a lot of people in a small area with similar situations going on. >> reporter: sergeant todd
5:32 pm
landon and his wife april and 3- year-old daughter called malone house home since january. >> i'm not upset being here at christmas. i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: todd suffered a traumatic brain injury in iraq then a rib injury this past year getting ready to be redeployed. after stomach, neck surgery, they had no choice but to stay here for christmas. malone hauser was a unique function, wounded warriors can go to their medical appointments then come home here to their families. the landons then met lori and don marshal. their son was a sole survivor of an attack in afghanistan october 27th that killed eight u.s. troops. while they are here to support his recovery, they have found support from other families.
5:33 pm
>> i appreciate the company. we will be playing a game later with another family. it's like having our own kids with us. >> reporter: while it's not exactly home for the holidays, it is for these folks. for those not home, they have a special wish this holiday season. >> the soldiers are warriors and heros, not inconveniences. >> reporter: the malone house has a special dinner planned tonight and tomorrow as well as a visit from santa claus. lawmakers and capitol hill workers reported to work because of the health care reform vote called by senator harry reid. senators get the glory and calling news conferences. thousands of staffers are working hard behind the scenes. many have already worked every single day this month including weekends and they trudged through the capitol in the blizzard. some republicans are blaming harry reid for forcing everyone to work one more day on a vote on health care. >> well, we are starting to
5:34 pm
call this merry christmas, harry christmas in honor of harry reid who has crammed this against the christmas holiday. >> senator mitch mcconnell's chief of staff says she hasn't had time to get out and do shopping so her family will get gifts from the senate gift store. to england where prince william took time out of his holiday season to help out homeless people. he spent thnight at a homeless charity. >> reporter: prince william went from what we would naturally assume is a king size bed to a narrow strip of concrete and thin sleeping bag in an effort to deepen his understanding of the plight of the homeless. he has instantly inherited his mother's reputation for having true compassion for those less
5:35 pm
fortunate. it may be a grainy picture of two men, but it seems to speak volumes about princess diana's he will defendant son. prince william doning hoodie and beanie and bedding down on the mean streets of london. on the left here, the chief executive of center point, a charity for the homeless. he told us by phone there is much of diana in prince william. >> i think he has inherd her -- inherited her touch, her feel for eople, ordinary people. her sense of value and her compassion. >> reporter: at one point during the night, the two men, along with william's private secretary nearly got run over by a road sweeping vehicle. >> how do you think you would felt if you were the guy that killed the heir to the thrown by a road sweeper. >> [ inaudible ]
5:36 pm
>> reporter: they apparently and perhaps not surprisingly didn't get much sleep. what did they talk about all night? a christmas engagement perhaps between prince william and girlfriend kate middleton? did you get any hint at all whether he's getting engaged this christmas. >> i couldn't possibly tell you anything about that. >> i thought i would try. he didn't mention kate. >> even if he did, i wouldn't talk to you about it. >> reporter: in york, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> he has to talk about his marriage, if he will get married. prince quill william has been the charity patron since 2005. it's time to get creative. the trend for last minute gifts is still ahead. nothing like giving back to those in need during the holidays. a day with less frizz?
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some cash strapped shoppers came up with a strategy for gift buying, hitting pawnshops. the shops are seeing pretty big business from jewelry to dvd players to guns even. shoppers sure are snapping up the bargains. >> i bet you can get a good deal there. >> on a nice gun. load them up. hopefully your holiday shopping is wrapped up. if you got to head out for the last minute gift tomorrow, you have to hear about the changing weather. >> i'm done. how much ice and freezing rain is heading this way? that is coming up next. 
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>> we would like to say from our entire staff, merry christmas and feliz navidad. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> a big holiday greeting from the chef. some of them started early to cook up a feast. tisha thompson found out this wasn't a meal for a celebrity guest but their customers who they consider just as important. >> reporter: executive chef ronald read is a whirlwind in the kitchen. he reyates dishes for the likes of president bill clinton and celebrities like p. diddy. at 9:00 a.m. on christmas eve, his restaurant is empty. and it's his day off. >> i have been here since 6:00. >> reporter: we found him flying through the kitchen working harder than ever. >> it's from the heart. i think christmas is not all
5:45 pm
about toys, giving, volunteering. >> reporter: chef read hooked up with the capital area food bank and is cooking a feast for a family in need including an 11-pound turkey, gourmet macaroni and cheese, candied yams, veggies and his restaurant's famous corn bread stuffing and sweet potato pie. >> the toughest part of this is actually cooking in a little pot. having an industrial kitchen along with a super sauce chef helps a lot -- sous chef helps a lot.
5:46 pm
>> it's better to give than to receive. but when you are not able to give, it's all right to receive. >> reporter: young was going to wait until christmas to dig in but her three boys convinced her not to wait. >> my house is smelling so good right now. >> reporter: as for chef read, notice that the hard work is done, he will celebrate his christmas by not cooking a thing. in silver sprgs, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> he plans to keep donating to time -- his time and food to the capital area food bank. as many as 200,000 kids in the area are going hungry. if you would like to donate time or money, go to and click on the web links tab to find out how. >> good stuff going on and that food looked delicious. >> not looking great, though, gary mcgrady -- not you but the weather forecast. >> thanks for qualifying that by the way.
5:47 pm
>> especially those coming from the midwest where the gunk is settling in. >> if they can get a flight. all of a sudden it's a log jam with this storm out there. >> glad my parents got out before of this. >> they came here. >> from chicago. >> great. unusual in chicago. snow last night. now it's over to a rain and probably will stay a rain for a while. >> look at this. >> we are tracking santa. i know where he is. he is in denmark. he is on his way. he will be over -- he likes to fly in and hitman hattan about 9:30. then from there he comes down i- 95. he uses i-95 like everybody else, just a little higher than normal on i-95. look how many places he has been already. freezing rain for tomorrow morning. it looks like it may be a bit of a problem for a few hours to the west. the winter weather advisory has been extended eastward down to
5:48 pm
prince william and east of i- 95. frederick is in it now. i think all along 85, that is where we could have a few hours of accumulating ice and farther west from there. there is, believe it or not, a flash flood watch that will be in effect for tomorrow and tomorrow morning -- tomorrow evening and into saturday morning. we are looking at healthy rain coming across. the flooding impact with this snow pack on the ground. that is something that we have to watch closely as well. temperatures are cold. 28 for gaithersburg. 23 for frederick. i expect these temperatures to drop for the next several hours. cloud cover will come in later on tonight. that may though bring the temperatures up a little bit or keep the temperatures out of the teens. in the city, we should get down to the mid- to upper-20s. cold for binghamton. we are watching the told air that will be held against the mountains, the blue ridge tomorrow and appalachians down
5:49 pm
to north carolina. that will be the problem as the rain comes across. cold air is in place. classic set up for the freezing rain and drizzle. 34 for chicago. notice cold temperatures for the nation's mid-section. this large storm continues to impact a lot of the country from the deep south up to the northern plains and pulling out to the midwest. talking about blizzard warnings extending to central oklahoma. it looks like parts of north texas will be in for a white christmas as this snow comes across the dallas-fort worth area. we have mainly clear skies here. you can begin to see the clouds to the west of us moving into western sections of virginia and eventually becoming mostly cloudy to cloudy for us all night. here is what you want to see. this is tomorrow morning, christmas morning, 8:00 a.m. it looks dry here but we will have a little bit of freezing drizzle along 95 as early as
5:50 pm
8:00. heavier rain and freezing rain will be along i-81. some of this will be mixing with sleet, potentially snow, too. as we take you through the day, the transition of the freezing temperatures to the above freezing temperatures along i- 95 probably late morning. along i-81 and up to the north in southern pennsylvania, that may take until 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. then when that is out of here, we deal with the heavy rain potential tomorrow night and into saturday. then sunday another chance of possibly a little snow coming through but not a big deal. here is where we could get a little accumulation of ice up to a quarter inch along i-81 and farther out to western maryland and west virginia. i think along i-95 here we are talking about just a chance of a trace, maybe brief tenth of an inch glazing then that goes away.
5:51 pm
high temperature tomorrow 40. showers saturday, up to 50. light snow sunday. potential late in the day. high temperature of 45. that is your forecast for christmas eve and christmas, too. we will have more details coming up. >> thank you. we are getting reaction to the death of sports legend george michael tonight. dave feldman is here with one of george's former colleagues. >> tony is the cohost of the pardon the interruption in the booth for monday night football, award winning radio show, great columnist and good friend of george michael. thanks for coming in. >> tough day. george was a good friend. i worked with him on a basketball show for a lot of years. michael worked with him on the show and a football show. we watched him all the time. he was in a lot of ways the last dinosaur out there, as you well know. local sports. you can't have a guy this big
5:52 pm
any more. they aren't paying that money. he's the last guy. >> without george michael would you have been on monday night football. >> no, i doubt it. george gave a lot of people a start in this community. he put me on television, doc walker. there is a lot of people. he had a good eye for talent. he was an impossible boss. he would tell you. i will pay you more money than anybody can pay you because i'm the toughest guy in town but he had for all of his sort of. [ inaudible ] for all of his loudness which was his great move, to walk into a room and shout out for the most famous person there, the most famous person was now george michael. he had an enormous heart and company be the butt of a joke easily. that's what humanized him and gave people comfort. >> you saw that. not a lot of people saw the
5:53 pm
softer side. he didn't show it always on the air. >> no, because he understood the marriage of sports and entertainment. if he was going to be soft and sudden lettery, that wasn't his deal. i won't say soft and cuddly off the air but his saving grace was you could make fun of him. he laughed louder about himself than you. he loved to be the target. >> safe to say we will never have one guy that type of domination in local sports every again. >> i can't imagine it because people can't wait for five, 6:00, 10:00 or 11:00. it has to be out quick. the blogs and 24-hour networks get it out quick. the highlights that you got, they have seen them ten times. >> thanks for coming in. back to you guys. >> thank you, fieldy. look at the "news edge at 6:00." we are staying on top of developing story in maryland.
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up in the air is the hottest new christmas movie released. critics are giving the mostly new george clooney flick thumbs up. anita vogel takes us behind the scenes. >> welcome back, mr. bingham. >> soaring away with lots of critical praise and award nominations, up in the air is floating on cloud 9 as holiday
5:58 pm
moviegoers are searching for a sure thing. george clooney plays a corporate downsizer who relishes his life on the road. but this leading man never likes to categorize his films. >> show her the ropes. >> i am not a tour guide. >> you do a film and hope people like it. the tricky part is almost always trying to define the comedy or drama. that is a mistake. i think you make films and hope people like them. >> you have to fill me in on the niles thing. what is that about? >> reporter: this is one of the busiest times to fly, we needed to know how the actresses faired? >> i don't have a fear of flying but i get bad anxiety with flying. you are at the mercy of other people. >> i am good actually. i like it because i really don't like the telephone so my days are sort of filled with the fear that somebody could call me and i have to pick the phone up.
5:59 pm
on an airplane, nobody can call you. >> white knuckles on the plane. turbulence? no. people don't make me nervous. there are things beyond that i don't have control of like turbulence. >> for jason bateman, flying is in his floo >> my mother was a steward december with pan am for about 30 years. i used to serve -- i was so cute. i would serve the trays to everybody. in hollywood, anita vogel, fox news. >> also opening at theaters this week, it's complicated with meryl streep and alec baldwin. sherlock homes. jude law is also in the imaginary. the news is far from over. the "news edge


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